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Providing Southern Ontario Businesses a Solid Start for Over 28 Years

Contractors from Couwenberg Concrete are all professionally-trained, fully-insured, bonded and covered under WSIB. As such, we ensure excellent performance and customer-driven service at every job site.

Your business or project manager can trust Couwenberg Concrete to get the job done right, on time and within budget. For a free estimate on any of your commercial concrete, contact our team to speak with a contractor.

Couwenberg Concrete Specializes In:

Reinforced Concrete Walls

Our team has experience building 5’, 8’ and 9’ walls. Couwenberg Concrete ensures proper rebar support to keep your walls durable and ductile to last and perform as expected.


Contact a qualified concrete contractor for more information on our commercial concrete services and to book your free estimate.

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