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Concrete Solutions for Ontario Farmers

Couwenberg Concrete loves working with Ontario Farmers! We want to give back to our diverse, hard-working agricultural industry by providing safe, clean and cost-effective solutions through concrete structures.

Why Use Concrete for Your Farm Storage?

Concrete offers a durable and modern storage solution for any agricultural need, especially liquid manure tanks. Our structures are cost-effective and low maintenance, creating an economically-sound facility that is leak-free, dependable and odour and disease-controlled.

Our contractors are knowledgeable about soil and groundwater conditions to ensure a strong, tight mix that will contain any load. We will work closely with you to custom design a structure that fits your project requirements and environmental protection needs.

Couwenberg Concrete Will Expertly Build Your:

  • Liquid manure tanks
  • Barns
  • Farm equipment storage

For more information on the concrete services we can provide to your farm and to book your free estimate, contact one of our fully-insured and WSIB covered contractors.

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